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What is ChatGPT and how does ChatGPT work?

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. The full form of ChatGPT is Chat Generative Pretend Transformer. It has been created by Open Artificial Intelligence which is a type of chatbot, it will work on Artificial Intelligence. It gives any answer to any type of question. Therefore, It is used only in the English Language. When you send any question to it then it replies to any answer in detail through is the official website of ChatGPT.ChatGPT launched on 30 November 2022. It shows you the direct answer to that question. We can be given by writing essays, youtube video scripts, cover letters, biography, leave, applications, etc.

ChatGPT was started in the year 2015 by a person named Sam Altman in association with Elon Musk. It was a non-profit company, but after 2 years, Elon Musk abandoned this project. After this, Bill Gates invested a great amount in it. ChatGPT has reached more than 20 million users so far.



ChatGPT, finds the answer to the question by chatbot from the data and creates the answer correctly. Here, also get the option to tell whether you are satisfied with the answer or not. When it sends an answer to you then it also keeps updating its data continuously. ChatGPT is a science technology that sends the absolute answer quickly. Whenever we search for a topic on google then it sends a different website but chatgpt directly the straight answer quickly. Although ChatGPT ended training in the year 2022.


  1. Chat GPT  can be used to generate content.
  2. Chat GPT is an information device that sends quick answers at a time.
  3. It has been launched for the people absolutely free of cost.
  4. You can also prepare for Biography, application, leave, essay, etc with the help of ChatGPT.
  5. ChatGPT used to official website and register the account. After the account, you will be able to use ChatGPT.


Above we learned about its highlights, now let us the demerits of ChatGPT;

  1. Chatgpt will prove useful for those who understand the English language but they told me that it will use any language on ChatGPT.
  2. There are many questions whose answers you cannot find here.
  3. Its training ended at the beginning of the year 2022.


ChatGPT is a robotic device,
                                  it gives any answer quickly.



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