Do you feel anxious during exams? Even after studying for a whole year, does the child have anxiety in the examination such as nervousness, stomach cramps, heart palpitations, tension in the mind, or confusion after seeing the questions? So why such concern?

Whenever at the time of examination or before the examination, the children are worried, nervous or the children are in fear and tension in their mind about how will the examination be, which I did not remember or the question came in some other way, then what should I do during the examination like this? Will write which affects the result of the children.

In this, some children worry more, some less, before the exam, the children who worry less concentrate on their studies and those who worry more, due to worry, are unable to concentrate on their studies.

Many children have this type of problem, so today let’s talk about what should be done to avoid this type of problem.

1. Exercise:

By doing exercise, the body gets relief from stress. It reduces the negative effects of stress. Exercise helps protect your body from the harmful effects of stress. Exercise relieves your stress and makes you think positively and focus. Exercise helps you focus on your studies by increasing your energy and optimism, and calming your mind. Thus regular exercise does not allow stress.

2. Yoga:

Yoga is a stress-relieving exercise. Yoga relaxes your body and minds through a natural cycle. If there is tension, do gentle yoga in the beginning. Following are some yoga poses for stress relief:

Hero pose, Tree pose, Triangle pose, Standing Forward Bend, Fishpose, Extended Puppy pose, Child’spose, Head-to-Knee Forward Bend, Seated Forward Bend.

3. Mediation:

Meditation is such an exercise by which a person can put all the power of his mind and body into his goal. Meditation can bring many healthy habits to human beings.  Meditation is known to calm the nerves. Most children do not succeed due to too much confusion in their minds, so try to achieve your goal by focusing on your goal through meditation. Mediation can help blood circulation improves, the inertia and restlessness of the body go away and you feel lightness in the body.

4. Get enough sleep:

Lack of sleep causes tension and remains upset. If you are unable to sleep, lie down with your eyes closed and count down, and don’t let any thoughts enter your mind. You will get peace by calming your mind.

5. Listening to music:

If any person is getting stressed then listening to less music will be relaxing. This reduces their stress.

Many children get stressed like this, so they should calm down in time and be careful. Those children who prepare for the exam in depth in the right amount, in a good way, do not have this type of anxiety in the exam. Just as there is a slogan in the army that;

The sweat shed during training saves blood during war.



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