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Busan is in which country?

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In which year Gujarat was carved out of the bilingual Bombay State?

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Sri Lanka has agreed to purchase power at $0.0826, or 8.26 cents, per kWh from Adani Green Energy, which is executing a wind power project on the island. This power-purchase agreement is for how many years?

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President Vladimir Putin vowed at a lavish inauguration on Tuesday to deliver victory to Russians, embarking on a record-breaking new term. How many times, including the latest one, has Mr. Putin led the country?

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Which of the following leaders became the First Minister of Scotland?

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The Pyrenees Mountains fall under which continent?

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The RBI recently barred Kotak Mahindra Bank from onboarding new customers on its online and mobile banking channels. This has been done before. If HDFC ceased to launch any new digital products, it directed another bank to suspend any fresh onboarding of customers. Which is this bank?

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Paul Kagame is the President of which country?

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Three Independent MLAs withdrew their support to the BJP government on Tuesday in this State, making the party short of the majority mark. This happened in which State?

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Which of the following notices was issued against JD(S) MP Prajwal Revanna to trace his whereabouts?

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