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In which year was the Ramapada Sagar project conceived?

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Which of the following countries was among the lowest-ranked in the 2024 edition of the press freedom index published by Reporters Without Borders?

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When was reservation for Muslims introduced in Andhra Pradesh by the Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy-led Congress government?

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Which of the following institutes spearheads Scientific Validation and Research on Panchgavya?

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Who is the winner of both the Thomas and Uber Cup titles in badminton this year?

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What is the GST tax rate applicable on the total face value of bets for games of skill and chance?

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Tamil Nadu has been pressing for the completion of a comprehensive evaluation under the Dam Safety Act, 2021, by December 30, 2026 for which of the following dams?

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In which State is the Pavagada Solar Park located?

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Which of the following cities in Gujarat has elected a BJP candidate unopposed?

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Hamas accepted a proposal for a ceasefire drafted by Qatar and _____ to halt the war with Israel.

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