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Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi made her electoral debut from which LS seat?

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At 8.04 am IST on May 7, an Atlas V rocket is set to lift off with a team of two veteran astronauts — Barry Wilmore and who else?

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In which year, President’s rule under Article 239AB was invoked in Delhi subsequent to Mr. Kejriwal’s resignation 49 days into his first tenure as Chief Minister?

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Which of the following scientists proposed the theory of natural selection?

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Chana, or chickpea is also known by which name?

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The Union Territories of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli were separate till Parliament passed legislation and merged them. This happened in which year?

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Arvinder Singh Lovely joined the BJP on Saturday. He was previously the head of Congress from which State/UT?

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In which part of India, does the Lidder River flow?

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What is the precentage of export duty stipulated on onion exports?

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Which political leader from the JD(S) was arrested on Saturday?

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