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When did GST revenues in India cross the 2 lakh crore mark?

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Who is the candidate for the Conservative Party in the London mayoral race?

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From which constituency is Shivaraj Singh Chouhan, MP’s longest serving CM, contesting the Lok Sabha elections this year?

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How much will women at the head of a household receive per month under the Mahalakshmi scheme proposed in the Congress manifesto?

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Which of the following countries has universal healthcare?

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Out of a total of 42, wow many seats did the BJP win in West Bengal during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections?

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Which country introduced menstrual leave in 1947?

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What is the largest owner of standard essential patents in phone manufacturing?

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Which region of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, “ceded” to China by the China- Pakistan Boundary Agreement of 1963, lies facing the Siachen glacier?

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Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna, who has been booked for rape charges, is the grandson of which former Prime Minister?

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