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The Chama Cha Mapinduzi is the dominant ruling party in which country?

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Kalaikunda is in which Indian State?

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The Upper Krishna Project is a project to provide irrigation to the drought-prone areas of which State?

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In 2019, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi lost the Amethi seat that he had been representing for 15 years to which BJP candidate?

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The Banas Dairy is from which State?

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The DGCA on Wednesday deregistered all 54 aircraft following a Delhi High Court order last week, in which the court had given the country’s aviation regulator five days to do so. Aircraft of which airline were deregistered?

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Kigali is the capital of which country?

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Who has the most runs in a single edition of IPL?

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Protons and neutrons are further made up of quarks. Which physicist named these particles after a line in James Joyce’s 1939 masterpiece, Finnegan’s Wake?

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In 2016, the Supreme Court ordered which State government to pay ₹3 lakh as compensation to the families of 238 victims who died of silicosis while working at a quartz mine?

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