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Pro-Palestine protests were held in universities across which country?

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A Delhi court rejected the application filed by a BJP MP seeking further probe into the sexual harassment case filed against him, who is the MP?

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Which two constituencies in Rajasthan registered the highest voter turnout?

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What was the voter turnour at International Border and LoC on Friday?

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"SC judgment in EVM case a tight slap to Opposition." Who made the above statement?

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‘Loco pilots were not watching cricket at time of crash.' Which train crash is the above investigation refering to?

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The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Friday seized a cache of arms and ammunition during its searches on two premises. Where did the search take place?

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Which investigation agency will probe seizure of ₹3.98 crore in TN?

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The Supreme Court on Friday upheld the electronic voting machine (EVM) system of polling and refused a plea to revive paper ballots. Which year was the EVMsfirst used?

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What was the voter turnout in phase 2 of the Lok Sabha polls?

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