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Current Affairs(27-04-2024)

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The Thar Express, suspended in 2019, used to run between Karachi in Pakistan and which city in Rajasthan?

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Where is the Ukraine peace conference set to be held on June 15-16?

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In which year was the National Judicial Appointments Commission struck down by the Supreme Court?

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Which of the following cyclones affected the Sundarbans region in 2021?

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When did the Environment Ministry of India announce the Green Credit Programme?

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What is the capital of Maldives?

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Who among the following created the Road Map to Peace, dealing with a two-state solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict?

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Who heads Patanjali Ayurved, along with Baba Ramdev?

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Section 65 of which law deals with a scenario of equal votes between two candidates in an election?

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The Election Commision sent a notice based on complaints against PM Modi for his speech in which of the following places?

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