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Recently three countries announced their intent to formally recognise the state of Palestine. If Ireland and Spain are two of them, which is the other one?

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The Chinese EV giant, BYD, which hopes to capture the European market, has chosen the city of Szeged to set up its first factory in Europe. In which country is this city located?

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What are the notices used to share critical, crime-related information between member countries, seeking international cooperation for tracing or apprehending fugitives in any part of the world called?

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Which of the following cases in the Supreme Court decided that doctors, medical professionals, and hospitals do come under the Consumer Protection Act as service providers?

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Kaamya Karthikeyan became India’s youngest and the world’s second youngest to scale Mount Everest from the Nepal side. How old is she?

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Clement Attlee, a former politician served as the Prime Minister of which country?

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RCB coach Andy Flower praised Faf du Plessis and Virat Kohli for the side’s remarkable comeback from the brink of elimination to even reach the Playoffs. Flower originally played for which country?

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Who of the following became the first weightlifter from the country to win a title with a clean and jerk World record and led an unprecedented Indian 1-2 finish in the women’s 40kg in the World youth championships in Lima?

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How many times in the history of the IPL, the RCB has reached the final stage?

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Which of the following is the rare genetic condition where the blood does not clot properly?

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