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Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen returned to winning ways when he resisted a late charge by Lando Norris to take a dramatic victory for Red Bull at Imola. What Grand Prix race was it?

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What Article of the Constitution states that no person who is arrested can be detained in custody without being promptly informed of the grounds for their arrest?

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What joint venture was set up in 2019 was set up in 2019 between the erstwhile Ordnance Factory Board from India and Rosoboronexport and Kalashnikov concern of Russia?

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Who was the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission during the time of India’s first nuclear test in 1974?

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In which year did the Congress party lose power in Tamil Nadu, thereby ending a 15-year reign in the region?

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Which football club was crowned Premier League champions?

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Robert Kalinak is the deputy Prime Minister of which country?

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Who beat Tyson Fury by split decision to win the world’s first undisputed heavyweight championship in 25 years?

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In the 2023 IPL, which left-arm fast bowler was smashed for five sixes in the final over of a match by KKR’s Rinku Singh, thereby conceding the match for Gujarat Titans?

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What is the capital of Kyrgyzstan?

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