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Which State in the country is the largest producer of lignite?

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UniCredit is an international banking group headquartered in which country?

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Which Indian Prime Minister sealed the Chabahar deal between India and Iran?

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Who of the following was recently made the Defence Minister in the Russian Government?

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Cannes international film festival was the brainchild of which French writer/art critic?

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In January, India decided to fence the entire border and end the Free Movement Regime (FMR) which allowed people to cross over without any documents or passport. This happened with respect to which country?

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HPV vaccine protects against the risk of which type of cancer?

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Narayanan Vaghul, who passed away on May 18, was a banker, known for his contributions across many banks in India. However, he was predominantly known for his contribution to which of the following banks?

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Which State sends the largest number of MPs to the Lok Sabha?

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This unique project aims at the collaboration of AI with this dance form to foster a deeper appreciation for this classical art. Which is the art form in this context?

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