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Current Affairs 20-04-2024

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Former cricketer Raman Subba Row passed away. He played for which country?

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Cerelac is a brand of cereal for children from which company?

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Dinesh Kumar Tripathi was appointed the next Chief of which of the following?

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This year, the option of home voting has been provided to voters of over which age?

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Manila is the capital of which of the following countries?

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Salwa Judum was a campaign and deployed as part of counterinsurgency operations in which State?

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One of the 17 Indian sailors aboard the MSC Aries that was detained by the Iranian authorities last weekend has returned home in Kerala, the MEA said. MSC Aries carries the flag of which country?

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The Supreme Court was hearing petitions seeking cross-verification of 100% EVM votes with VVPAT paper slips. Currently, cross-verification of EVM-VVPAT happens in how many randomly selected polling booths in a constituency?

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As India started voting on Friday, all of Tamil Nadu's seats went to polls in the first phase. How many seats does the State have in the lower house of the Parliament?

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