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Who has been appointed the 26th Chief of the Naval Staff for the Indian Navy?

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Who is the chief of the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), who is contesting for the Dhubri seat in Assam?

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Which of the following regions is supposed to be the stronghold of the Rane political clan in Maharashtra?

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Who launched the village and ward volunteers’ system in Andhra Pradesh, and in which year?

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PM SVANidhi is a micro-credit facility for which category of workers?

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How much military aid has the U.S recently sanctioned for Ukraine?

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Which of the following International Labour Organisation Conventions was signed in 1947?

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In which year was the BCG vaccine against tuberculosis launched in a nationwide campaign in India?

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Who is the current president of the Indian Medical Association?

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When was Arvind Kejriwal arrested in the Delhi excise policy case?

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