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Which of the following countries witnessed the highest number of internet shutdowns in 2023?

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Who among the following is the founder of the united Lok Janshakti Party (LJP), who represented Hajipur constituency eight times?

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According to an Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre report, fighting in_____, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Palestinian territories accounted for nearly two-thirds of new movements of people due to conflict in 2023.

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In which district is the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve located?

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The Kurmi community is found in which of the following States in large numbers?

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Who has been appointed the new Minister of Defence in Russia?

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In which of the following nations is voting mandatory?

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When was former Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren arrested for his alleged role in a money laundering and land scam?

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The book Gopalganj to Raisina is the biography of which of the following politicians?

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Prabhir Purkayastha is the founder of which online news portal?

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