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Gary Kirsten will start his two-year assignment as the coach of Pakistan’s white-ball cricket team when he joins the squad in England on Sunday. He originally played for which country?

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Alice Munro, the Nobel Prize-winning author died at 92. She was from which country?

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The Andhashraddha Nirmulan Bill, 2005 was drafted and later passed in 2013 by which State government?

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Which of the following scientists identified the bacterium that causes TB?

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How long does the sun's solar cycle last?

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The Uttarakhand government set up bio-energy projects to use the vast quantities of which tree to generate electricity?

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The Union Ministry of Home Affairs extended the ban on this organisation for another five years. This was last banned in 2019. Which is this organisation?

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The Sukhrayaan project is a planned mission to study which planet?

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The voter turn out in the Srinagar Lok Sabha seat on May 13 was 38% which is the second highest voter turn out since which year?

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Former Army officer Colonel Waibhav Anil Kale, who was working with the United Nations Department of Safety and Security was killed on Monday. He was killed in which country?

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