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Which ritualistic performance native to North Malabar, is set to be staged in the United Kingdom for the first time?

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Name Israel’s war Cabinet Minister who resigned over the lack of post-war strategy for the Gaza Strip.

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Anamika B. Rajeev achieved what distinction in the Indian Navy?

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Who is the foreign minister of Singapore?

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Who is West Bengal’s BJP chief, who was inducted on June 9 into Narendra Modi’s cabinet?

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BJP MP Anurag Singh Thakur held which two portfolios during the second term of the Modi government?

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The swearing-in ceremony of the new Modi government was attended by seven dignitaries from neighbouring countries. Who among the following was NOT there?

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What unique feat did Spain’s Carlos Alcaraz achieve after clinching the singles title at the French Open?

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Which international men’s cricket team is nicknamed The Rhinos?

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Out of 71 Council of Ministers who were sworn in on June 9, how many were from the BJP?

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