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In which city is the second Indian Grand Prix of the season taking place?

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What is the name of South African President Jacob Zuma’s party?

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What law in India regulates the production, advertisement and sale of tobacco products in India?

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How many election rallies did PM Narendra Modi address this year?

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JMM patriarch Shibu Soren's daughter is contesting from Odisha's Mayurbhanj Lok Sabha seat and the Saraskana Assembly seat. What is her name?

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Name the Indian peacekeeper who won an award from the U.N. for gender advocacy.

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What percentage of the world’s frog population is endangered?

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What is Telangana's new State song?

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The Sariska Reserve is located in which State?

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Name the Indian start-up which launched the world’s first rocket with a single-piece 3D-printed engine.

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